Olympics 2016, Euro 2016 & Copa America 2016 Boots, Are You Engineered For Speed?

What a summer of football we’re all enjoying! There has been few better times to be a football fan with the best teams and players in Europe and North and South America showing the world what they can do. What’s a football tournament without a new lineup of high tech boots for players to show off?!With those expert feet twinkling away and skills and goals on show aplenty you can’t help but notice those new inventive boots that the world’s top players are wearing. This summer has seen a host of new boots hit the market for all Messi and Ronaldo wannabes and will be the must haves for kids and adult players alike worldwide, in the hope that they will inspire similar feats of skill. With top brands, particularly Nike and Adidas, looking to out do each other, the shelves of sport stores worldwide are filling with these ever more impressive boots and making them one of the must have fashion items of the year.  Lets take a look at some of 2016’s hottest boots:

The women are enjoying a summer of soccer at the Rio Olympics and the USA’s top goal scorer is sporting a special edition of Nike’s Mercurial Superfly, “Leave Your Legacy.” (source)

Carli Lloyd

Now for the men.  Let’s go for the boots that the world’s hottest players are wearing. This summer Cristiano Ronaldo was also wearing Nike’s Next-Gen Mercurial Superfly V Boots.

next-gen-nike-mercurial-superfly-v-2The impressive design is designed to enhance speed and showcase the brand’s latest innovations. Featuring its Dynamic Fit Collar the boot is designed to give the wearer a totally natural feeling as though the boot is simply an extension of their body. The boots also come with a new redesigned type of sole plate which along with its split toe design is proven to improve speed and give players the freest access to their top speed as possible. Perhaps that what  helped Ronaldo cruise past those defenders.

To purchase a pair of these boots be prepared to fork out $300 USD and with new technology comes increased pricing.

As for Ronaldo’s rival Leo Messi – what was he wearing this summer at the Copa America? The answer is Adidas’ special 16.1 Copa America boot. Striking from the start with its stunning silver design, the boot is design for speed and designed for players with those turbo jets, as it features a lightweight design including flexible upper and sole plates to give ease of movement and increase agility. Featuring a low cut shape, the boot is designed to slip easily on and off of your foot and has new triangular studs that change the way the boots interacts with the ground whilst in flight. Adidas is using technology that it previously used with sprinting shoes on its sprint runners so you’ll be ready to head out and tear up those defenses.

Messi’s Adidas boot will cost you slightly less than Ronaldo’s, its weighing in at $190 USD

redshoeFollowing up Ronaldo’s Mercurial boot is Nike’s Hypervenom Phantom II boot, which reinvents is popular honeycomb design. The Hypervenom Phantom II boot features a powerful luminous colouring that will light up the feet of players like Robert Lewandowski, Jamie Vardy and Edison Cavani this summer. The lightweight design features Nike’s fitted Collar as well as boasting a highly flexible sole give it a great feeling of comfort and maneuverability when worn and are setting the standard for the new type of lightweight boots that along with Ronaldo’s Mercurials are beginning to break the boundary between the boot and the body! Think the Hypervenom Phantom II’s are for you then be prepared to pay $275 USD

For the assist master in you check out the new Adidas Ace 16+ PureControl Boots which feature on the feet of a select few of the world’s best footballers. The design for the Ace 16+ is revolutionary for Adidas as it features a laceless boot combined with a knitted upper. The boot is designed to fit a range of different feet types and boasts extra stabilization constructs built inx
to its sides. The stability the boot gives is said to increase the ability of a player to have control over the ball and deliver that perfect pass. Perhaps that’s why the likes of Mesut Ozil and Ivan Rakitic are some of the first players to have been wearing the boots.

To get that perfect pass for yourself you will need to fork out a handsome $300 USD

There you have it! 2016 is a battle for speed and control! Already both the Euros in France and the Copa America in the United States have given us demonstrations as to what these cutting edge boots can do on the right feet. The question for you guys now is … would you like The Ultimate Soccer Skills System with over 45 soccer videos broken down step-by-step by a coach that played at the highest level for less than a pair of soccer boots/cleats?