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WIN! Scores More Goals, Make The Team, Win The Cup!

Calling all Soccer Mum’s and Dad’s, is your child tomorrow’s future Champion?

It will take them years and years of preparation to get one shot to win the game, to win the cup, to win a World cup a European Cup or whatever competition they are playing in. To be able to execute in a game and under pressure they need good technique and they need to practice from a young age.

When they are in a game situation, nobody can help they, they have to help themselves, we teach them everything in this system so they can remember it and execute in a game!

To help them practice everyday with a professional coach and player development specialist, Con Boutsianis, coach of our Series 1 program, we are giving you the chance to take advantage of our special launch offer. Special Offer

The complete 46 video Ultimate Soccer Skills Training System covers Passing, Running, Heading, Juggling, Shooting Techniques, Free Kicks, Wall Rebound exercises and 5 BONUS videos plus an E book on choosing the right coach for your child!

These are not random Youtube videos that you spend hours searching for, this is a complete systemised approach, where each skill and technique is demonstrated by the coach.  Too many of our children today are being taught by coaches that are unable to perform the techniques themselves and kids are visual.  A lot of them learn by watching.

Why is this system different?  Because your child is tested and measures their progress with downloadable skills scoresheets to they can track their improvement.  Team training twice a week with a game on the weekend is not enough dedicated practice to develop the skills children need to move to the higher levels at ages 12 – 14.  That is why so many children drop out at that age.

Take a look at what we offer in this amazing system that means your child has training videos to follow and practice 24/7.   This is an advanced exercise but take particular note of the advice Coach Con Boutsianis provides at the end of the video.

A soccer career only lasts 15 years and so your child must start training young to master the skills… Can you afford to wait any longer?  If they are already 13 or 14 it is definitely still possible…but much harder to achieve the goal of playing at a higher level…Coaches at team training just don’t have time to coach players individually…  With our ‘online’ coaching, your child can be exposed to expert training 24/7.  Don’t delay Sign up my child to be a champion